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Much ado...

I see no one has updated in a while and I do happen to have some free time.
I don't know if anyone will actually read this but Lanier helped me out a lot and while I was there I met some people who might forget me but I know I'll never forget.
From Mr. Weldon teaching me negatives with cool people and nerds to Mr. Huffman talking about drugs. I had great experiences at Lanier that led me to the path at which I'm in and will definitely continue to follow. I like learning and I discovered that there. I loved the auditorium and the patios covered in ancient pidgeon poo.
Mrs. Crowley, and Ms. Freytag (I adored her), I don't know who's there anymore but I think I should go back at some point and ask.
I graduated from Waltrip class of '06 and will continue to my studies at Amherst class of '10.
But it was first necessary for me to remember where I came from and what I did, so thanks to whomever created this community.
Any questions? Memories? Rumors(my favorites...)?
-love, Yasmin.
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I had Coach Guy for 8th grade Gym. I guess I was there the first year Ms. Freytag was there. I like the decorations in Mr. Hutchings room.
Way before you were there we had a teacher named Ms. Swantek (our 6th grade which was like 1999) and she would continously flick us off because she had an arthritic middle finger. We later learned she had been run over by a bus on 3 different occasions which is just weird...
What grade are you in? Class of '07? Or later?
I remember this! Coach Guy was awesome.
he was weeeird. o.O
i loved him. coach guy that is.. and i loved mr huffman, i still go back at least once a year and visit. my all time favorite would have to be mr. bordelon..

mr hutchings<3 oh he was the worst teacher, but the nicest man. he lived on my best friends street-sarah scott, so his wife informed us of his passing right after it happened. it was really un-comforting.

but i did love lanier.
(i hated ms. crowley)
There's no point visiting a school your friends have left. It's just a waste of time. Plus, you can't even guarantee that the teachers will still be there.

Mr. Huffman *was* good. Except I was always waaay too woozy in his class. Ahahaa. First period does that.

Ms. Crowley = the termagant insomniac pigeon