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Much ado...

I see no one has updated in a while and I do happen to have some free time.
I don't know if anyone will actually read this but Lanier helped me out a lot and while I was there I met some people who might forget me but I know I'll never forget.
From Mr. Weldon teaching me negatives with cool people and nerds to Mr. Huffman talking about drugs. I had great experiences at Lanier that led me to the path at which I'm in and will definitely continue to follow. I like learning and I discovered that there. I loved the auditorium and the patios covered in ancient pidgeon poo.
Mrs. Crowley, and Ms. Freytag (I adored her), I don't know who's there anymore but I think I should go back at some point and ask.
I graduated from Waltrip class of '06 and will continue to my studies at Amherst class of '10.
But it was first necessary for me to remember where I came from and what I did, so thanks to whomever created this community.
Any questions? Memories? Rumors(my favorites...)?
-love, Yasmin.
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